The mandate for the Council for Social Action in Overbrook is to catalyze “social action projects”. Social action projects are carried out by individuals or groups of people working together for the good of others and not for profit.

The objective of a project is to bring about social change that will benefit our community in a holistic fashion. Projects will engage with issues such as access to political participation, the environment, climate change, community cohesion, livelihoods and education.

Projects will typically give participants a deeper understanding of the cultural and social issues that affect Overbrook. Projects will identify and engage networks that will help achieve collective community goals, especially concerning poverty alleviation.

According to recent statistics, Overbrook was one of the least socioeconomically advantaged neighbourhoods in Ottawa. Personal and property crime rates are also higher than the city average.

The goal of “social action projects” will be to strategically target some of these problems and apply social entrepreneurial and business consultancy methodologies to address them. Community partners will advise on potential sources of funding and or project participants.